Colonels Foreign Finch

A superb blend of specialist seeds with the addition of the much favoured nyjer seed to keep every Finch healthy.

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You'll earn 3-45 PetPoints!
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The Colonels Range of birdseed mixtures has been specifically formulated as natural seed-based blends of premium quality; providing variety, stimulation and satisfying the nutritional needs of most bird species. This range of products will satisfy your bird’s natural instinct and appetite which, in turn, will encourage foraging behaviour and stimulation, preventing boredom and related illness.  This will ensure you have happy, healthy, active birds in prime condition throughout their lives.



Bartholomews is proud to be a family owned company with a heritage of over 130 years in agriculture. Our foundations were built on animal feed, ranging from livestock to equine and bird seed mixes. Today, the company has expanded into the arable sector offering a range of farm inputs alongside exporting grain to domestic, European and world markets.
Colonels Foreign Finch

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