Interpet Gold Disease Safe

Interpet Gold Disease Safe treats your goldfish for some of most common goldfish diseases.

• Effective treatment for most goldfish illnesses lets you keep fish care simple
• For ornamental freshwater fish only
• Harmless to filters, plants and fish (DO NOT use on Mormyrids)
• Treats 57 litres (100 pints) – sufficient for 10-12 doses
• Easy to use formula for all tanks, bowls and orbs
• 100ml bottle

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A poorly goldfish is a sad sight to see. But if caught early enough, most diseases are easily treated. So thank goodness for Interpet Gold Disease Safe, an easy-to-use and effective treatment for goldfish illnesses. Use at the first sign of your fish behaving unusually or appearing to be unwell. Signs of disease are ragged or blood streaked fins, unusual swimming action or loss of balance, cotton wool-like growths, slimy white skin or fins, cloudy eyes, white spots, lying on the bottom of the tank, gasping at the surface of the water, clamped fins or loss of appetite. Disease Safe is easy to use; measure the volume of your tank, bowl or orb and add the correct dose using the supplied pipette or cap. One pipette treats 0.57 litres and one capful will treat 2.65 litres. Disease Safe can be re-dosed if your fish have not recovered after five days. Follow suppled instructions carefully.



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Interpet Gold Disease Safe

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