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Arcadia Pond T5 Ultra Clear UVC Lamp 6w/225mm

The Arcadia Ultra Clear UVC Lamp eliminates suspended algae in ponds to provide crystal clear pond water. It is also suitable for aquarium clarifiers and sterilizers.

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Green water and algae problems can be a nuisance, especially during the summer months. Ultra violet light can help resolve these issues by clumping together the floating single algae cells, making it easier for the pond filter to remove. This lamp will remain effective for 12 months.

WARNING: Dangerous ultra-violet radiation. Radiation of this lamp is harmful to eyes and skin. Installations with this lamp should be screened off completely.

  • Watt: 6w
  • Length: 9″/225mm
  • Diameter: T5 ∅16mm



Arcadia Reptile pushes for better animal welfare for reptiles and other exotic pets through all natural foods, and systems that recreate their wild habitat.

Specialists in reptile lighting, heating and nutrition – ensuring our exotic animals live long, healthy and reproductive lives.

Arcadia Pond T5 Ultra Clear UVC Lamp 6w/225mm


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