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Komodo Plastic Reptile Terrarium 39 x 25 x 16.5cm

Komodo Plastic Terrariums have many different uses. They can be used for transporting reptiles and livefood, make ideal full time spider enclosures and they’re great as hatchling tubs to house baby reptiles too!

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Komodo’s Plastic Terrariums are ideal for transporting reptiles, as well as breeding and raising young hatchlings, and for quarantine requirements too. They also make good homes for spiders, millipedes, snails and small amphibians.

Available in flat or tall sizes to suit different species, these terrariums offer a sleek and contemporary design matched with purpose-built features to ensure optimum health & safety for its occupants. Angled ventilation provides optimum airflow, and a large door allows for easy access. They are also stackable for display and breeding purposes, with non-slip feet and useful pop-out cable openings for any electrical heating, lighting and monitoring equipment requirements.



Reptile pet keeping is more popular than ever. Recent research* shows that there are now probably more reptiles pets in the UK than there are dogs, with around 8 million reptiles in over a million households. As reptile keeping goes mainstream around the world, it is no surprise that more and more pet stores are catering for this growing industry sector. Welcome to Komodo.

Komodo Plastic Reptile Terrarium 39 x 25 x 16.5cm


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