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Vetark Tamodine Veterinary Wound & Skin Cleanser 50ml

Tamodine Wound is a powerful antifungal and antibacterial tamed iodine veterinary medicine. It is ideal for cleansing and dressing wounds and infected areas in conjunction with veterinary treatment.

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A very useful product for the first aid box, Tamodine Wound is recommended for cleaning cuts and infected skin. Simply apply Tamodine to wet cotton wool and gently cleanse the surface of wounds. Once clean, wipe off any excess, and release the bird.

Tamodine is effective against  bacteria, protozoa, yeasts, fungi and some viruses without damaging delicate skin. It has all of the activity of free iodine but with much reduced irritant sensitising effects, and it does not stain.

IMPORTANT: For external use only. Wet the surface to be cleansed, apply Tamodine using cotton wool and clean carefully. Rinse thoroughly. Not to be used on open wound at concentration above 1%. Do not use on amphibians.

Active Ingredient: Povidone-Iodine 0.75%w/v available iodine



Vetark changed the landscape of bird and reptile nutrition in the UK with its unique ranges. The products are recommended and supplied by vets, used by universities, scientists, zoos and pet keepers alike.

Vetark now exports to over 20 different countries worldwide.

Vetark Tamodine Veterinary Wound & Skin Cleanser 50ml

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