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Arcadia Infrared Ceramic Heat Lamp 50w

The Arcadia Reptile Ceramic Heat Lamp produces and projects high quality deep Infra-Red heat far into an enclosure. Being a natural source of heat Infra-Red is readily used and can help to further stimulate natural biological function.

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Being Infra-Red, these lamps emit no visible light and as such are the perfect choice for many systems where heat is required throughout the day and night without disturbing essential circadian rhythms with unwanted light.

  • Ideal for heating a vivarium during the day and evening.
  • A great source of heat for Ectothermic species.
  • Use with a thermostat and alongside a species appropriate reptile UV-B system.

These high quality E27 lamps have been produced to the highest of standards and finished in an attractive and unobtrusive black.

The Arcadia Reptile ‘Ceramic Heat Lamp’ benefits from a 1 year guarantee and if used correctly should provide you with many years of targeted heat.

These lamps can become very hot, as such it is essential for the safety of your pets and your own alike that these lamps are only used with the correct wattage E27 Ceramic lamp holder, are not placed directly against flammable material or other electrical items and that they are suitably caged at all times.

To ensure accurate heat transfer there should also be a thick natural slate or rock placed underneath the heat lamp at a suitable distance for your own species.

To further protect your animals and to extend the life of the lamp these lamps should be used with a suitable ‘Pulse Proportionate’ Thermostat and checked regularly with a separate thermometer.

Distance 50W 100W 150W
150mm 58ºC 65ºC 71ºC
200mm 47ºC 50ºC 52ºC
300mm 36ºC 40ºC 42ºC
400mm 30ºC 38ºC 40ºC



Arcadia Reptile pushes for better animal welfare for reptiles and other exotic pets through all natural foods, and systems that recreate their wild habitat.

Specialists in reptile lighting, heating and nutrition – ensuring our exotic animals live long, healthy and reproductive lives.

Arcadia Infrared Ceramic Heat Lamp 50w


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