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Mr Johnsons Advance Hamster & Gerbil Food 750g

Mr Johnson’s Advance HAMSTER & GERBIL FOOD is a complementary food suitable for all breeds of hamsters and gerbils. This nutritious & wholesome tasty nugget supplies your hamsters and gerbils with a mono-component food that prevents selective feeding.

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Feeding the correct diet to your pet is essential for maintaining good health. Hamster & Gerbils are omnivores meaning their diet should consist of cereals, vegetables and animal protein.

Advance hamster & gerbil food should be fed with a daily portion of suitable fresh vegetables & a small piece of lean cooked meat like chicken twice a week. As a treat the occasional small portion of fresh fruit, a few dried mealworms or a little hard-boiled egg is ideal.

  • Tasty nugget prevents selective feeding
  • Protein for cell, organ & tissue function
  • Vitamins & minerals to boost the immune system
  • Essential oils for healthy skin & coat
  • No added colours, flavourings or preservatives
  • Verm X for intestinal health
  • Pre-biotic aid digestion

Feeding Guide

Mt Johnson’s Advance HAMSTER & GERBIL FOOD is a complementary food and should be fed with suitable fresh fruit and vegetables. Hamster also can be fed a small quantity of good quality hay. Hamster’s and gerbil’s are omnivores so should also be fed a small portion of cooked lean meat, like chicken a couple of times a week. As a treat they will also enjoy a mealworm – dried mealworms are ideal. This advice is a guide only.

Clean fresh water should be available at all times.

Growing Adult Lactating
Gerbil 5-9 gr/day 4-8 gr/day 10-15 gr/day
Hamster 6-10 gr/day 5-9 gr/day 12-20 gr/day
Dwarf Hamster 3-6 gr/day 2-5 gr/day 6-10 gr/day


Wheat, Wheatfeed, Soya Bean Meal, Oats, Sunflower Seed Meal, Linseed,  Calcium Carbonate, Vegetable Oil & Fat, Mono Calcium phosphate, Bio Moss ®, Sodium Chloride, Verm-X ® Herb Blend.

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein: 19.00%; Crude Fibre: 5.00%; Crude: Oils & Fats: 5.00%; Crude Ash: 5.50%

Calcium: 0.80%; Lysine: 0.89%; Methionine: 0.30% ; Sodium: 0.08%; Phosphorous: 0.60%

Nutritional additives

Vit A: (E672) 10,000 iu/kg; Vit D3:(E671) 1,000 iu/kg; Vit E: 50 iu/kg

Trace Elements: Iron: (E1) 161mg/kg, Manganese : (E5) 89mg/kg, Zinc Oxide : (E6) 69mg/kg, Copper : (E4) 20 mg/kg, Iodine: (E2) 0.8mg/kg, Selenium : (E8) 0.44mg/kg


Mr Johnsons

Mr Johnson’s is part of a family-owned business that has been producing animal feeds in the UK for over 100 years.

All those years of experience have been put to good use in the development of unique and tasty recipes that small animals really enjoy, whilst providing the essential balanced diet for your pet’s health and vitality.

Mr Johnsons Advance Hamster & Gerbil Food 750g

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